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The company that helps elephants and rocket cars

December 20, 2017

In the dry heat of a South African savannah, a team of scientists is listening intently to the low rumbling sounds emitted by the world’s largest land animal, the African elephant. Elephant communication is interesting because the frequency of their vocalisation is so low that it cannot be properly heard by human beings. But by […]

Trump’s tax bill: US Senate passes reform legislation

The US Senate has approved the most sweeping overhaul of the US tax system in more than three decades. Republicans say the tax cuts for corporations, small businesses and individuals will boost economic growth. Democrats, who all voted against it, say it is designed to benefit the ultra-rich at the expense of the national deficit. […]

Christmas comes earlier in the UK, data shows

The UK is the country where the character Ebenezer Scrooge was invented, the man who would scoff “bah humbug” at any Christmas revellers. But Brits are no Scrooges, according to Google. The search engine claims people in Britain make more Christmas searches than anywhere else in the world. Whether it’s searching mince pie recipes, or […]

Commonwealth Games: Birmingham set to host 2022 event

Birmingham is set to be officially announced as the host of the 2022 Commonwealth Games. It was the only interested city to submit a bid before the original 30 September deadline but was deemed “not fully compliant” by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF). The CGF then gave rivals until 30 November to apply. Earlier this […]

UK homes to get faster broadband by 2020

Homes and businesses will have a legal right to demand high-speed broadband by 2020, the government has said after rejecting a voluntary offer from BT. Openreach, owned by BT and responsible for the infrastructure, offered to speed up improvements to 1.1 million rural homes. The government has promised that the whole of the UK will […]

Brexit: UK plans to soften impact on European banks

The Bank of England is to unveil plans allowing European banks to operate in the UK as normal post-Brexit. The BBC has learned that banks offering wholesale finance – money and services provided to businesses and each other – would operate under existing rules. It means EU banks operating through branches can continue without creating […]

Uber is officially a cab firm, says European court

Uber is officially a transport company and not a digital service, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled. The ride-hailing firm argued it was an information society service – helping people to make contact with each other electronically – and not a cab firm. The case arose after Uber was told to obey local […]

Minimum price ‘would increase cost of 70% of alcohol

December 15, 2017

Introducing a minimum price per unit of alcohol would push up the cost to consumers of most alcohol, not just the cheapest strong drinks, according to researchers. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said a floor of 50p per unit would raise the cost of 70% of alcohol bought in shops. It said there was […]

The pig farmer taking on Tesco

Pig farming can be a messy business, but some say supermarkets are playing an even dirtier game. Richard Baugh’s family have been raising pigs for three generations at Woodside Farm in rural Nottinghamshire. But Mr Baugh says he’s been forced to change the name of his business after Tesco rebranded its own label pork products […]

HS2 redundancy pay ‘shocking waste’ of taxpayer cash

Unauthorised redundancy payments made by the state-owned company managing the HS2 rail project were a “shocking waste of taxpayers’ money”, MPs have said. The Public Accounts Committee said the firm overseeing construction of a high-speed rail line offered staff terms “well in excess” of authorised levels. The MPs blamed “weak internal processes” at HS2 for […]

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