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Inclusion & Diversity

Please read below:

At Nelson Scott, we have an unwavering commitment to diversity. Our goal is that all of our people have a full sense of belonging with our organisation. Every person at Nelson Scott has the responsibility to sustain this environment.

We do not codify people based on their differences, and believe that no one should be discriminated against because of such factors as their gender, age, ability, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Our diversity makes us a better organisation and a more competitive business. It means we are better able to serve our clients.


Our Clients

It is our firm belief that our clients’ businesses are best served when they are able to enhance their diversity; indeed it is often our privileged position to be able to influence this through our candidate shortlists.

As a search firm it is our duty to provide only the best, irrespective of background or other factors. It is all too easy for uniformity to self-perpetuate, and for hiring the familiar to be the path of least resistance. But getting the best outcome from a search process requires assumptions and biases to be challenged.

We support diversity and inclusion in search through such approaches as blind shortlisting, as well as through active promotion of diversity in our shortlists.

For further information on our approach, and to find out how we are doing, please get in touch.